Socialogy™ … One Year Later!

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  • June 20, 2021
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XX.VI.XX – XX.VI.XXI … Socialogy™ turns 1 today!

Socialogy™ – ‘The Art of Social Marketing’ is today celebrating its first year of operations. Founded on June 20, 2020, the Socialogy™ brand was born as the world slowly emerged from the first phase of a global pandemic that caught many businesses off-guard. The brand is designed to provide cost-effective and sustainable online media marketing to SMEs and marketing agencies in Malta and at a European level, helping them adapt to a new reality of surviving through a professional online presence.

The idea behind Socialogy™ goes beyond the basic functions of simple contracted marketing activities. The idea is to become an extension to a company’s operations in providing an additional communication channel to its existing ones for seamless customer service, sales and engagement. 

With the boom of social media in the last decade it became evident how the importance of this online channel should not just be part of a company’s communications strategy but is today the most effective, efficient and reliable bridge to understand, engage with customers and minimise the service gap in a fast-moving and dynamic environment. Giving importance to customer satisfaction and real time engagement is the key to a successful communication channel driven by equally dynamic businesses.

While large organisations have the luxury of relying on their in-house resources and the expertise of agencies to grow their marketing activities, SMEs may not have the right knowledge nor the finances to sustain such activities, and this is where Socialogy™ steps in – an added value to any small business operation with big ideas for effective online marketing, creating tailor-made campaigns and activities respecting brand values, targets and finances.

Thanks to a network of preferred partners, services also extend to web development, media buying and specialised consultancy in several industries including retail, tourism and hospitality. 

Bespoke services for SMEs 

Guiding small and medium businesses set up and grow their presence online, especially on social media with practical and green solutions, in line with any business model and size, and it need not cost you the earth.

Value support to marketing agencies

Cost-effective and round the clock services including copywriting, creative ideas, implementation of advertising campaigns and engagement with followers.

Cost-effective consultancy services

Helping businesses understand social media trends to enhance business sales and strengthen online customer relations through practical experience.

Socialogy™ was founded by Alison Casha, an experienced marketer who was one of the first in Malta to focus on social media marketing. Well-known for her customer service relations in the local market, Alison brings a wealth of marketing and communications expertise with her 25 years of hands on experience with some of the largest local organisations and having studied at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Whatever the job, Socialogy™ will always show maximum respect towards our planet, this is why it focuses on online marketing as opposed to traditional media which contribute towards a less green environment. 

Read the article published in The Sunday Times of Malta on 20 June 2021

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